Data Protection
& Backups

Time to make your business a difficult target for criminals to attack. Have them pass on to someone else. Protecting your reputation, investments, customers, and employees are one of our priorities and it is the responsibility of all the specialized team that works to protect your data and files from theft or encryption, which you get now by partnering with AVA TECH!

Your company is valuable and must be protected.

Unfortunately, there are criminals who target businesses of all sizes. They try to access your network to steal information that they can sell on the web or exploit to Pay them in addition to passwords and account numbers that they can use to steal money and your personal data. Simply put, your business needs the cyber security services of the AVA TECH Team.


Our cybersecurity professionals will lock down your network and put walls of protection in place to guard against unauthorized access from threats such as:

  • Hackers
  • Ransomware
  • Trojan Horses
  • Adware
  • Malware
  • Spyware

By partnering with the IT security professionals of AVA TECH, your employees will gain the confidence they need to do business online – knowing that they, their workstations, and their work products are secure.



Hackers, malware, and spyware are notorious for causing computer crashes and slowdowns. This, obviously, causes your employees to lose time that should be used to be productive and costs you money both in lost production revenue but also in remediation expenses.


Your clients rely on you to protect the confidential information they hand over to you as part of the business transaction process.

If you don’t properly secure their private data, your reputation as a trustworthy company is at risk.

 Reputation Protection

When your employees constantly have to do security updates and patches, important work isn’t getting done. By partnering with AVA TECH for superior IT security, you get all your security patches, and upgrades implemented automatically and monitored constantly.

Our security management and monitoring take the burden off your employees so they can get more of their work done.

Greater Productivity


  • Cyber-Security Assessment : surveying your system to discover potential holes in your current systems
  • Cyber-Security Remediation : repairing any security issues that we find in our initial cyber-security assessment.
  • Mobile Device Security : setting up your mobile devices to interact seamlessly with your network without becoming points of vulnerability.
  • Email Security : securing your email with filtering protocols and encryption.

  • Securing Endpoints : preventing unauthorized devices from connecting to your network.
  • Secure WIFI : allowing your employees and your clients to login to your system in a way that protects their privacy and your confidential data.
  • Antivirus Protection : implementing business-class anti-virus solutions to protect you from adware, malware, spyware, and ransomware.

  • Firewall Management : setting up your firewall appliance and initializing it with the correct settings and updates.
  • 24/7 Monitoring : watching over your entire system in real time to see and respond to any anomalies that may indicate an emerging issue.
  • Data Backup : protecting your business from ransomware and disasters caused by Mother Nature and human error.


Each component of your IT network must be examined to ensure that there are no security holes, and these IT security holes must be corrected.

Many business leaders think, "This isn't going to happen to us." But when violations of large companies persist in the labor market, what makes you think that it will not happen to you? They have the money to hire entire teams of in-house IT professionals. The truth is, small and medium-sized businesses are an easy target for cybercriminals.

With us, you will find a complete team that works for you and in order to protect your reputation, investments and customers, because it is our priority and it is the responsibility of specialized team works to protect your data and files from theft or encryption.



How Do You Protect Your Business From Crippling Data Loss?Data Backup and Business Continuity are about much more than getting up and running again if you experience a Loss or damage or fire.

Disasters don’t usually come with a warning. They just happen… And if your business isn’t prepared, you’re just out of luck.

But if you call a team AVA TECH, we’ll make sure that you have the Data Backup and Business Continuity processes in place to handle whatever headaches may come your way.

So, when your data goes up in a puff of smoke with your server or gets locked down by ransomware, you’ll be glad that you thought ahead and talked to one of our IT support professionals.



Data Backup and Business Continuity are about much more than getting up and running again if you experience a Loss or damage or fire.

  • It’s about your client’s confidential information.
  • It’s about preserving your company’s excellent.
  • It’s about having your operational data at your fingertips 24/7.
  • It’s about protecting your investment.
  • It’s about securing your employee’s jobs.
  • It’s about meeting your deadlines and keeping clients happy.


  • Onsite backups : for speedy data restore if necessary.
  • Offsite, cloud-based backups : in case your local facility is compromised by fire, flood, or criminal activity.
  • Automatic backups : so you don’t even have to think about it.
  • Monitored and reported backups : so you have verification that the backups have been completed and are available.
  • Encrypted backups : keeping your data safe in transit and at rest.
  • Entire system backups : everything in your system (operating system, applications, and data files).
  • Simple data and system recovery : use your entire system virtually on any machine at another WIFI-enabled location in the event of disaster.