The company provides all the solutions that help to provide all kinds of comfort, safety, and luxury for the guest, to get him to more than wonderful experience while improving the operational and energy efficiency in the hotel.

Guests are provided the luxury of control via Smart Apps and Voice Assistants for their room. Centralized Property Management allows monitoring of occupancy, safety/security monitoring, control of all hotel electrical assets & devices from a single point. Energy optimization sensors eliminate wastage of energy by ACs in rooms and lighting in the hotel aisles, bathrooms & more. The choice of wireless and wired solutions offers flexibility & make deployment economical for both existing & new hotels.




Users can review restaurant menus, nearby attractions or other hotel features on same App. Progressive web version of App allows users to not need to download the App and just access it via mobile browser using a link provided by email.

Smart App Based Control of all room features such as Lights, Fans, ACs, TVs, STBs Curtain/Blinds. Pre-defined single touch scene profiles enable guest convenience. App capable of setting DND or requesting Housekeeping or Laundry. A 360° panoramic version of the App is also available to serve guests a unique visual room experience.

Smart App Control
Smart App Control

Ava Tech offers capacitive touch switches to serve the guests' needs in lighting, dimming, fan speed control, curtain and blinds control, doorbells, and more. Each module is available in multiple configurations and colors that can be combined together like a tapestry to serve your needs. Even scene profiles can be provided instead of individual switches. These switches can be branded to reflect the brand of the hotel.

Smart Thermostats are available in two formats, with one version that integrates with the touch switches to create a complete touch panel for lighting and AC control.

Smart Touch Switches & Smart Thermostats
Smart Touch Switches & Smart Thermostats

Ava Tech integrates both Google Home and Amazon Alexa skills to allow users to access all the Guest Room Automation features for control of lights, ACs, curtains/blinds, TV, and Media via Voice. It can also activate scene profiles that control multiple devices with a single voice command.

The voice assistant feature allows service requests such as housekeeping, laundry, and more via voice commands. This technology can be deployed without needing the Smart Apps.

Voice Assistants


Ava Tech offers a central platform that links all the guest rooms together to track occupancy, room status (e.g. DND), service requests (e.g. Housekeeping).

It can also be enabling centralized management of power or AC control for all rooms.

Front Desk Management

Hotel staff can receive direct notifications on their Smart App of the service requests from guests.

These are based on the rooms assigned to them allowing hotels to improve the labor efficiency of their staff, while also improving responsiveness to the guests.

Service Notifications To Staff

Ava Tech allows centralized control of all electrical assets of the entire building including aisle lighting, motors, pumps, DG sets, elevator status, water tank status, and more.

It allows central monitoring of safety (smoke, gas leak) and security sensors (intrusion, glass break) across the property and perimeter, and also provides single-point access of all surveillance cameras.

Building Control & Monitoring

Modbus RTU enabled smart energy meters, water meters and STP can be monitored continuously from any remote location and the data recorded by Ava Tech.

Energy, Water and STP Monitoring


Guest room air conditioning is one of the main sources of energy consumption for hotels. Ava Tech offers an easy retrofit solution that is wireless and allows control of any existing AC based on card key placement. The wireless implementation allows rapid deployment without any changes to the room or disrupting revenue generation for the room.

Split units or centralized thermostat based ACs can all be controlled this way, with the option to either turn the AC off or to set back temperatures to lower consumption of energy. In the case of thermostats, Ava Tech offers thermostats that can easily replace existing thermostats to provide these guest-room.

Room AC Energy Efficiency
Room AC Energy Efficiency

Ava Tech wireless motion sensors can be placed in aisles, bathrooms, elevators, and multiple areas across the hotel to enable lighting energy efficiency. The solution depends on both wireless sensors and nodes, which can be deployed without needing to change any of the existing switches that control the lighting.

Lighting Energy Efficiency
Lighting Energy Efficiency