Security Cam

Security cameras are a crucial investment in protecting your home or school and your commercial or industrial project. The burglars shouldn’t be able to get away with their deeds unnoticed, and yet it’s likely that they’ll be long gone before you even know you’re a victim.

They may even get away scot-free if your home isn’t equipped with the right technology to ID any robbers. The latest outdoor security cameras combine the convenient features of any smart home device with advanced camera technology so you’ll always have an eye on your home. Our top picks for security cameras will send alerts to your phone when they detect motion, be able to record in HD quality even at night, and are designed to withstand any type of weather.


The higher the camera resolution, the sharper the images. Ideally, you’ll want a 1080p or higher resolution for the best view. Keep in mind that if you connect your camera to a digital video recorder (DVR) to record your camera’s footage, it will also need to be HD compatible to have crystal clear photos and videos.

High-definition (HD) video quality

Clear night vision is one of the most important features for outdoor security cameras. To get the best and brightest night view, consider a camera with infrared (IR) technology to sending bright light through wavelengths. The number of infrared LEDs used in a camera determines how far your outdoor security camera will be able to clearly show what’s outside your home. Look for surveillance cameras that have at least 100 feet or better of night vision. Many models also have a built-in IR cut-switch that automatically enables and disables the infrared technology depending on the lighting conditions.

Night vision

Cameras with remote-controlled pan, tilt, and zoom functionality are ideal for providing coverage to larger areas and allow the user to get the best viewing angle possible without physically re-positioning the camera.

Pan, tilt and zoom function

Many outdoor security cameras available today are able to live stream a feed directly to your mobile device. If you want to be able to check in during the day or while away for extended periods, this is a valuable feature to have. Be sure to choose a camera that is compatible with your device. Generally, remote access, mobile alerts or cloud-based features require monthly or yearly fees with your home security monitoring provider.

Mobile control


Wireless cameras are easy to install and reposition, but you’ll want to check the battery levels periodically to ensure they’re fully powered. Some battery-operated outdoor security cameras require a small hole to mount the camera outside. Other wireless surveillance cameras come with adhesive mounting tools free from drilling and easy to remove from rental properties. Wired security cameras may require professional installation and drilling to connect it to a power outlet to power the security camera recording system.



Today’s surveillance cameras pair with mobile apps to control your security camera using your mobile device. You’ll automatically receive notifications when the camera’s power is disrupted or motion is detected. You’ll even be able to view real-time video, record, and review directly from your smartphone.

Convenient control

Whether day or night, your security camera system is designed to watch over your home even when you’re away. It’s powered to automatically detect and alert you of any activity.

24/7, 365 home surveillance

If any motion is detected, the camera automatically sends you mobile alerts and records the activity for you to review. The best security cameras also offer a real-time view and are equipped with two-way audio to scare off intruders using your mobile device. Some fully-monitored home security systems also notify your security provider’s monitoring center of motion-triggered activity.

Improved safety


Each building is linked to surveillance cameras internally and externally, movement sensors, control devices to close and open doors and windows, so that the system in the case of choosing a security scenario, gives orders to all devices to prepare to detect any intruders, or a theft case to be discovered immediately, so that the system lights the entire place and sirens a warning, and calls the police or call you and also gives you warning messages.

Thus, the whole place is under the control of the system, to remain safe if you are outside or inside the building.



All the building is connected to smoke, heat, gas and water sensors so that the system can in the event of a water or gas leak by giving protection orders to the building, it immediately closes and sends a warning to the owner of the building about what happened, and in the event of a fire the system can send orders to the building to deal immediately with the situation by issuing the siren and closing the gas He started the process of extinguishing and contacting the civil protection and the police and the smart cameras help monitor the start of the fire to discover its causes and avoid it in the future.