Smart Building

Simply and far from any scientific complexity:-

It is a system that gives the building a spirit. It welcomes you, preserves you, and is keen on your safety. When you enter the building, the door opens for you, the road lights you up, welcomes you, sets the temperature to suit your comfort, and reviews all safety and protection orders to keep you safe in him. And when you go out, he sends you all the events going on, To remain in constant contact with you for assure him his safety from any intrusion or theft or any accident and by giving you a vivid picture of everything that happens and proves to you that he can handle any situation or accident Until you are with him to communicate with you and make sure you're safe.
Because you are the one who designs it and controls it through the data of your private home, your company, or even your hotel, or any place you prefer to have everything you dream of, safety, protection, energy savings and unlimited luxury and investment, as it raises the value of any facility, And that, through some of the questions that you answer to the engineer specialized in smart systems, And Of which

How many lighting circles in each role and in each room?
How many curtains and types?
How many air conditioners and their types?
What Kind of lighting? Dimmer or plain? Does Dimmer is halogen or LED?

Which, in turn, implements your design and your dream? in reality, to you control lighting, curtains, air conditioning, television, sound and cinema systems, temperatures, protection systems and all that comes to your mind as if it was your dream. You are the one who designs it and we are the ones who implement it to participate in giving the building a spirit to become a friend and companion that keeps your safety and the safety of all those you love, and the dream turns into a reality, you live in and control it.

In scientific terms...

The idea of smart building is simply based on the possibility of performing any task without direct interference from you or it, including controlling the lighting systems by turning on the lights automatically and controlling the lighting programming in case you are away from home, you can control the temperature of the house and the toilets and open and close the windows remotely. Lighting programming in case you are away from home, you can control the temperature of the house and the toilets and open and close the windows remotely You can also control the air conditioners, whether you are at home or outside, in addition to that, the ability to control irrigation systems for the home garden in addition to monitoring the home via private cameras from anywhere in the world And all these services and more via your smart mobile device or just a voice command, and as long as the building is fully connected to the Internet, you have the upper hand to control all the details inside your home.


We often when we are out of the house, we asking did the lights were turned off, or did you leave the garage door open Anxiety dominates us, but when you enter the technology, you can forget all these questions.


Each building is linked to surveillance cameras internally and externally, movement sensors, control devices to close and open doors and windows, so that the system in the case of choosing a security scenario, gives orders to all devices to prepare to detect any intruders, or a theft case to be discovered immediately, so that the system lights the entire place and sirens a warning, and calls the police or call you and also gives you warning messages.

Thus, the whole place is under the control of the system, to remain safe if you are outside or inside the building.


All the building is connected to smoke, heat, gas and water sensors so that the system can in the event of a water or gas leak by giving protection orders to the building, it immediately closes and sends a warning to the owner of the building about what happened, and in the event of a fire the system can send orders to the building to deal immediately with the situation by issuing the siren and closing the gas He started the process of extinguishing and contacting the civil protection and the police and the smart cameras help monitor the start of the fire to discover its causes and avoid it in the future ...


The smart system of the building gives a spirit that gives you a friend or companion suitable for people with special needs, who understands everything that needs and works automatically or by direct orders from you to make the building as a whole in your hands and gives you a more comfortable safety life, and protection because it is your right to live life independently as it is not only a technological progress only, but it leads to helping you to lead a normal life without the need for help. He is the friend and companion with you always.



The system deals with this responsibility with high accuracy and complete control of lighting, adaptation, heating and home appliances systems to operate in an energy-saving manner because the system knows how much you need appropriate lighting in the places where it is and when it feels that you do not need it, he turns it off in order to not wasted power.

an Even the adaptation and heating systems, he can control the temperature of the building In advance until you come and start organizing its work so that it determines the places in which it is located, and takes care of it without the need for empty places and when it feels open windows or doors or changes in the temperature of the place it gives orders to turn on or turn off the devices according to the situation for you Until does not work continuously and wastes a lot of energy and causes loading on the systems of adaptation and heating.

And thus reduces its life span so the system helps us to save energy and conserve devices.



This feature gives you a feeling that the building works on its own without interference from you and can help you with everything, even while you are traveling away works home is still, make the neighbors and all people feel that you are inside and that the house is not empty and this helps greatly in increasing the safety of the house.

And if you give the building to implement a good night scenario, it starts giving orders to turn off all the lights, lock all the curtains and windows, turn on The air-condition, a review of the gas and water stopcock, operate the sensors to alert you in the event of an intruder or any theft and operate the cameras in the safety mode to monitor throughout the night to keep For your safety, and you feel with him that you are safe, and all this by giving one command is sufficient to implement all of the above.

Server Setups and Upgrades

You are approaching your home and you find that the garage door has opened automatically (How did this happen!) When you enter the house you find the air conditioner has been working for a short time and the main room lights turned on by themselves.

Server and Network Monitoring & Maintenance

if you are a person with heavy sleep (like me) and the wake-up process may be tiring for you, you can make the room lights light gradually until you reach the highest lighting within five minutes. and at the same time, the temperature of The air-condition gradually increases, and open your curtains gradually To allow sunlight to enter, it seems as though the experience of waking up like this is very tempting and fanciful at the same time, but the truth is that they exist and there are many companies that offer products that transform your home into a smart home.

Server and Network Monitoring & Maintenance

And you can make a large variety of different scenarios for you:

Cinema, Good Morning, Romantic, Security, Irrigation, Party, Back to Home

And other scenarios that help you in many tasks without your intervention.


Basically, it depends on flexible and many ways to suit all customers, to get to be the smart systems in the hands of everyone, and through the many products, we can reach the appropriate costs for every person from a small apartment to a tourist resort and hotels, so that all benefit from the advantages and solutions of smart systems that have become A world-wide necessity for a better life, and technology can serve everyone without differentiation.

We can calculate the cost of smart systems by knowing the number of operating points in the building and the circuits upon which the building depends on operation, for example, the number of lighting points, sound system, protection and safety systems, the number of curtains and the types of keys that give orders to the system and the screens required to control the system as well.

All this controls the cost calculation Order if it is high or low cost.

What is the cost of smart systems?


When the customer requests a calculation of the cost of his building (apartment, villa, palace, hotel, apartment complex, tourist villages, hospital, administrative building). the company sends a specialist engineer and assistant to work the inspection and thorough inspection and consultation with the customer, to explain the mechanism of the system and the best ways to benefit from it to see the customer, and what is best for him, And therefore determines the number of operating points required and determines the systems that the customer wants to control the building.

Then the company works on calculating the cost based on the report received from a specialist engineer, by it to arrive at the customer's System cost account and submit several offers at various costs to reach the offer and the appropriate cost for the customer.

Company policy in calculating the cost: