There are things to look at before buying hosting sites so that you can choose the best hosting sites that suit your needs and The most important thing is that you do not choose a web hosting company because it is cheaper to host sites but choose to host them features and additions that push you to buy them and do not waste your time with free hosting.

The questions are simple enough, yet there are often confounding responses. The short and clear answer: Web hosting involves website files being stored on one or more servers, or computers, whereas email hosting refers solely to the storage of email data. The comparison can get confusing when a company offers both plans and mixes up the naming conventions, so we’ve made it our mission to clear up any mysteries throughout this article. Read on for definitions, descriptions, and the best options for all types of site owners and emailers.


  • The work of the client's site 99.99% and browsing speed of your site 99.99%.
  • Pressure on the server no more than 5% at peak times, which ensures quick and easy work of the server.
  • Too fast to send and receive emails because the server is running on the Internet speed of up to 100 Mbps.
 Continuity and Speed

  • All servers are in the best data Center W.W.(United States of America) - Strong, secure, devices.
  • Servers operate on Linux - fast, stable, and secure.
  • Not to host harmful sites or forums that weaken the efficiency of the server.
  • The Detection and search for all our customers before accepting their own servers to ensure our stability and security.
  • Your site's ranking is secure because we guarantee you work in a safe environment and High safety standards.
Power and Safety

Create an archive of sent e-mails so that all e-mails sent can be reviewed even if the employee erased them after sending them (useful for detecting any tampering with the company name from one of your employees).

Automatic backup copies of all customer sites. Daily, weekly, monthly. (Has a separate cost)



  • Send emails to all companies all over the world without being classified as Spam.
  • Sending and receiving emails large-sized annexes.
  • Send and receive emails quickly and safely can use SSL encryption systems- TLS to encrypt the connection between the server and the e-mail program.
  • When in doubt any email you receive, we can approach and to know its origin and where was sent and therefore is it a hacker or not, we can also check whether your email account has been hacked or even email one of your customers.